Managed Discovery Launches Document Review Services in China​

October 9, 2019

Legal services provider supplies companies and international law firms in China with expert managed document review.

Managed Discovery – the document review and legal services company Managed by Lawyers for Lawyers℠ – is pleased to announce the launch of its China Document Review Service (the “China Service”). The China Service provides a new, efficient and compliant choice for companies and international law firms requiring review of large data sets residing on servers and computers in China.

Managed Discovery’s China Service reviews documents for relevance, privilege and compliance with Chinese laws, such as the PRC privacy and state secrets laws. Our reviewers are PRC-qualified lawyers who are employed at local law and accounting firms with which we cooperate. To improve both quality and security, our reviewers can conduct the reviews under the substantive supervision of our client’s legal department or the client’s international counsel, and can be based in secure locations such as our client’s office, the office of their international counsel or in a specially-purposed document review room. This improved control of the review process also results in quicker feedback to e-discovery service providers who can use the initial review results to re-batch documents for a more efficient review workflow. The PRC law compliance aspect of the China Service is supervised by a highly respected, senior leader of the Beijing Bar who will train the review team on PRC law compliance issues and will make the final decision on whether, and under what circumstances, documents may be exported.

Managed Discovery’s China Service arises from the experience of our VP of Business Development, Michael Vella, who handled internal investigations and litigations in China for over a decade as a partner with the Shanghai offices of international law firms. As Vella, explains: “I noticed that other document review options in China either cost too much, failed to adequately address PRC law compliance concerns, or gave up too much control over the review process. We designed Managed Discovery’s China Service so clients’ no longer need to compromise on the goals of cost, compliance or control.”

“Vella’s experience, and the professional relationships he formed in China, allows Managed Discovery to offer a unique combination of efficiency, quality and compliance in our China document reviews.” Myron Jadwin, CEO, said. “International expansion of our attorney review services, to include PRC law compliance, compliments our well-established GDPR request processing. Combined with our discovery services, Managed Discovery is one of a select group of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSP’s) capable of managing cross-border discovery needs. We invite our clients to inquire for further details.”


About Managed Discovery

Managed Discovery is a team of legal and technology specialists, uniquely qualified to manage document review for high-stakes litigation, government investigations and foreign compliance matters. Our team includes former government and Big Law attorneys who understand client needs and legal requirements, ensuring that our services are both cost-efficient and legally defensible.

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