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PROFESSIONAL Review Managers

Our Review Managers are not only bar-licensed attorneys with deep experience in litigation and managing review teams; they are also on the cutting-edge of utilizing technology for investigations and document reviews. 

Review Project Management

• Managing Review Team   and Process
• Reporting
• Decision-log Oversight
• Post-review Services

Review Protocols 

• Design
• Implementation
• Continuous feedback

TAR & Analytics 

Workflow designed to meet a client’s strategy and objectives.

What we can do for you

Review Team Staffing 

• Conflicts
• Confidentiality
• Experience
• Training
• Feedback Loop
• Day-to-day Management
• Employer of Record,   Compliance and Payroll

All Categories of Investigations and Review 

• Responsiveness
• Issue-coding
• QC
• Privilege
• Foreign Language,   etc.

Any Review Platform

Our team has managed reviews in all market platforms of note.
Hands On Experience


We work across matters, jurisdictions and technology platforms translating our hands-on experience into documented and systematic protocols for every phase of document review. Understanding the tenants of compliance and legal defensibility, we advise our clients on the best technology and workflow choices to leverage for each matter.

The Process

Managed Discovery’s Review Managers overlay technology on top of traditional linear review workflows to refine the process and reduce spend helping our clients expedite the relevance/responsiveness for the reviews, automate large-scale confidentiality, perform privilege redaction projects and streamline the development and QC of privilege logs.


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